[Cars] [Parts] [Regalia] We’re carrying a variety of affordable items normally available at monthly Club meetings. Any members wishing to purchase items at any other time may contact the Club’s Regalia Officers, Bob Tazzyman on:  0418 410 482 or email to make suitable arrangements. The following items are currently available: CLUB CLOTHING

Shirts – Cotton Long Sleeve $32.00 Long Sleeve Cotton Shirt
Shirts-Cotton Short Sleeve $30.00
Polo Shirts – Men’s & Ladies $25.00 Polo Shirt
Polo Fleece full zip Jacket – Men’s $35.00 Fleece Jacket
Micro Fleece full zip Jacket- Ladies $35.00
Nylon full zip Spray Jackets-Unlined $30.00


Club Coffee Mugs (Bendigo Pottery) $14.00 Cup Small cup large
 Club Grille Badges   $22.00  
 Club Lapel Badges  $ 6.00 Club Lapel Pin
 Car Lapel Badges  $10.00 Badge Green MGTC Badge Black MGTC Badge Black MGBGT Badge Black and Red Magnette
 Club Windscreen Stickers $ 2.00  Sticker Silver and Black
 MG Octagon Lapel Badges  $10.00 Badge Black and White enamel Badge Red and Cream enamel Badge Chrome
 MG Key Rings  $ 7.00 Key Fob Metal Key Fob Leather Key Fob Leather MGCCC
 Sew-on Embroidered MG Logo in cloth  $ 8.00 Cloth Patch White and Red Cloth Patch Black and Red