Crookwell Potato Festival 1 March 2014


by Brian Calder



Hella Moebus enjoying the Crookwell Potato festival.

Hella Moebus enjoying the Crookwell Potato festival.

It was enthusiastic Club mob that assembled at Watson for our run to the Crookwell Potato Festival on a cool Saturday 1st March. We had been invited to be part of the classic car display held in conjunction with the Festival; so it was a 90 minute dash to Crookwell that saw many arrive with a caffeine deficiency that needed urgent attention. Fortunately first aid was available at our destination.

On arrival there was an interesting range of older and classic cars already lined up.  First in our mob was Tony and Gail Argyle. They were directed to park next an EJ Holden. It looked to be a smart car but it was a Holden, and Tony politely declined. Tony’s shuffling of position so reminded me of re-arranging the tables in a restaurant. In the end, we were all seated (parked) together. Well done Tony!

Arriving gave us a chance to turn off the wipers, because yes, it had rained most of the way on our journey from Watson through Sutton, Gundaroo, Gunning, Grabben Gullen and finally to Crookwell. A great driving road with the caution that with the wet roads we just didn’t  know if the corners were slippery. So it was a gentle pace and we enjoyed the green scenery, happy sheep, and that most dams were full.

The Potato Festival was an excuse for a potato-based market and fair. Well done Crookwell. There were lots of stalls, some of them very interesting such as one fella who made furniture pieces from oak wine barrels. The rain meant that it

The (wet) corporate box at the Potato festival concert
The (wet) corporate box at the Potato festival concert


became a squishy walk through the stalls but we were all glad that we had made the effort. And the food: yep, nearly all spud-based. A favourite was this – try to imagine. Stick a wooden skewer up a long spud.  Now put it in a hand-cranked machine like an apple-peeler so that it comes out as a curly pig’s tail. Spread the spud out so that it curls the whole length of the skewer, dip in flour and spices, and deep fry. Yum – and much better than chips. See what you missed!

The steady rain meant that we probably didn’t stay as long as we would have otherwise liked; but it was a good Club run and it was doing something quite different on an otherwise gloomy day. Thank you to our Club organisers, Peter & Patricia Daley and Tony & Gail Argyle.

wpad617053_05_06-1 copyClub members who enjoyed the run included:  Tony & Gail Argyle (MGB GT), John & Margaret Cooper (MGB), Tony & Sue Roberts (MG 1100), Greg Whitfield (MG TF), Paul & Vicki Bray (Rover), Mark Sandell (MGB), Richard & Debbie Glover (who joined us at Grabben Gullen, MGB), Peter, Mo & Daisy Dechaineux (Subaru), Brian & Christine Calder (MGB GT), Pete Dalton & Hella Moebus (MGB), Wayne & Sandra Smith (Mini Cooper), Duncan Souter (MGB), Pete & Patricia Daley (MG TF) and Shirley Kennewell (Mazda MX5).