Autumn Weekend Away 2015

This year’s Club Weekend Away will be held in the Snowy Mountains from Friday 10 April to Sunday 12 April. The event is being planned by John and Margaret Cooper and Graeme and Jo Corbett under the guidance and watchful eyes of veteran organisers Peter and Hella Dalton.


Accommodation has been reserved at the Lake Jindabyne Motel for the 2 nights.

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Only 20 rooms have been provisionally booked at $110 a night inclusive of breakfast, payable by those attending on arrival, so reserve your place quickly!

This year’s Saturday night fund raising party theme is  “Sprites, Pixies and Trolls in the Mountain Kingdom”

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More information will be forthcoming as the planning team confirm events, but an estimated tour fee is likely to be approximately $100 – $120 per person.

Members interested in attending will be asked to pay this tour fee to the Club by or at the March Club Meeting.

Please let any member of the organising team know if you are interested in attending. Don’t miss out; these are truly memorable events!