Satellite Selfie

On Monday 17TH, Wednesday 19th and Friday 21st of August an imagery satellite will have Canberra in its viewfinder, between the hours of 10am – 11am on each day.

The scientific community and the Canberra Government is keen for Canberrans get out there and be part of a once in a lifetime unique opportunity and experience, by making visuals that will be observable from Space. 

Members of the MG Car Club of Canberra are encouraged to participate in this auspicious event with their MG’s.  A cunning plan has been developed, although the weather will play a big part.  I will endeavour to lay out the plans, triggers and ultimate aim in the next few paragraphs and images.

The Plan

To gather at a site at 9:30am, and with our MG’s and mark out an MG Logo with the cars.

The Go / No-Go triggers

  • If the weather is overcast and/or there is majority cloud cover or raining –  NO-GO
  • If the weather is scattered cloud but the majority of the sky is NOT observable NO-GO
  • If the weather is scattered cloud but the majority of the sky is observable – GO.
  • If it is a bright and sunny day – GO.

The site

A search for a grassed area for this evolution was fruitless in the timeframe we had.  As an alternative a seldom and sparsely used carpark has been identified in Kambah that will provide good contrast for our cars to a non-terrestrial camera.  The carpark is on Jenke Circuit in Kambah and services a small medical centre.  There are rarely more than a dozen cars in the NW corner.  I propose we muster in the SE corner.  There is more than adequate outdoor space for social distancing and across the road is a Hungry Jacks for coffee and snacks.  You may even wish to turn up early for a Hungry Jacks Breakfast and barista coffee.

51 Jenke Circuit, Kambah

The Aim

The aim is for the MG Car Club to participate in this significant event and be forever imaged in a landmark (forgive the pun) photo of the Nations Capital.  It will also be a hard to beat submission to the MG Car Club in England for it’s 90th birthday celebrations, and it will make a great article for Tappet Chatter.  The more the merrier.

The Details

If you are a new club member or one that has been in the club for a while,bring your car along, MG, Healey, Sunbeam Tiger, all are welcome.

Dates:  17, 19, 21 August 2020.

Place:  Carpark Jenke Street Kambah (across the road from Hungry Jacks and near Storage King Kambah).

Time:  Please be onsite no later than 0915am on the first “GO” day with your MG to set-up prior to a 10am satellite time on target.  1105am will be up-stumps.


Bring a chair and maybe a blanket

Come earlier if you want to have breakfast.  Food and coffee available for the entire event.

Be relaxed and have fun.

Wait for the film to go to the chemist and be developed.

If you intend participating please contact Mark Horsfield via email ( or 0415 400 044 so that a set-up plan can be developed.  If you decide on the day you want to come along, that is ok too, We can always embellish the image…  There is never enough!!!