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The Canberra MG Rally 2023

MG Car Club Canberra Inc (MGCC Canberra) and the Pre-War MG Register of Australia extend a warm invitation to the owners and custodians of Pre-War, T Type, and Y Type MG cars to a socially oriented event to be held in Canberra from Friday 29 September 2023 to Monday 2 October 2023.

The event aims to bring together the biennial Pre-War MG Register rally and the MGCC Canberra MG TYme celebration of these MG cars.

Eligibility for registration

The event is for the owners and custodians of Pre-War, T Type, and Y Type MG cars to enjoy social and motoring activities focussed on these cars. Registration will therefore only be open to the owners and custodians, (and their partners of course) of Pre-War, T Type, and Y Type MG cars.

While there will be 'public events' for other MG enthusiasts to enjoy, and the cars will travel on public roads, MGCC Canberra regrets that registration will not be available to enthusiasts or other interested persons who do not own, or who are not custodians of an eligible car.

An event Registration Form with details of required payments is planned to be posted on the MGCC Canberra Event website link by 31 January 2023.

**Please note that accommodation bookings referred to below may be made at any time – we suggest ASAP to secure this for you.

Event outline





Fri 29 Sep 23


Registration from
5.00 pm

Noggin n Natter followed by buffet

Sat 30 Sep 23



Optional register/sub-
register functions.

Sun 1 Oct 23

Social run to lunch

Lunch and explore

Event dinner with guest speaker

Mon 2 Oct 23

Optional social run



The event is socially oriented and designed to allow free time for drivers and co- drivers to explore Canberra's fabulous attractions and institutions. The run on the Sunday will include a 'short' and 'long' option. While at the time of writing we are unsure of the Floriade 2023 arrangements, the event is timed to coincide with Floriade.

The Flat Cap display

Our Saturday morning display will be open to the public and we expect interest from both car enthusiasts and the media. This part of our event will include a 'Flat Cap Display'; and we invite all participants (yes, all participants) to wear either their favourite flat cap or the flat cap they swore they would only ever wear for a dare. So drivers and co-drivers, don't forget to pack the flat cap.


Selecting and booking accommodation in Canberra will be an individual responsibility. To assist participants, two principal venues which both provide for trailer parking have been reserved for event participants.

Optional Venue 1: The Alpha Motel, Greenway

The Alpha Motel, 6 Rowland Rees Crescent, Greenway, Canberra ACT 2900 The Motel has over 80 rooms pre-booked for the event; and will offer a special B&B rate for guests attending the event. This motel:

  • Is convenient to a retail town-centre and a trunk route for public transport
  • Has ample free parking that is reasonably secure. Parking is available for car- trailers, and parked cars can be seen from many of the rooms.

How to book the Alpha: Registrants are responsible to book and pay for their own accommodation. When booking, please quote Canberra MG Rally 2023. Phone bookings to the Motel on 02 6293 3666 are recommended.

Please note that accommodation at the Alpha is on a first-in basis, and the motel will not hold rooms for our event after 31 July 2023.

Optional Venue 2: The Alivio Tourist Park, O'Connor

The Alivio Tourist Park, 20 Kunzea St O'Connor, Canberra ACT 2602 has been booked for participants who prefer cabin-style accommodation. The Tourist Park:

  • Is convenient to the City-centre and major access roads
  • Offers a range of cabins which can accommodate up to six persons
  • Has ample free parking that is reasonably secure. Parking is available for car- trailers.

How to book the Alivio: Registrants are responsible to book and pay for their own accommodation. When booking, please quote Canberra MG Rally 2023/ Group Reference Number 266671. Phone bookings to the Alivio Tourist Park on 02 6247 5466 are recommended - ask for Stephanie who is the Groups Coordinator.

Please note that the Alivio will not hold cabins for our event after 30 June 2023. Registrants may of course choose anywhere else for their accommodation. Suggestions can be offered by the event organisers using the contacts detailed below.


We expect that many registrants will choose to bring a car-trailer. Plans will be made to accommodate the trailers at the Alpha Motel and at the Alivio Tourist Park. It will assist the event organisers if you tick the box on the registration form to indicate that you intend to bring a car trailer and will require parking for it.

Workshop and Club car trailer

MGCC Canberra has a workshop with a hoist, wire-wheel balancer, and many specialist tools. Registrants will be welcome to use this facility or borrow the Club car trailer for a short period if they need to. Contact details will be provided prior to 29 September and in the Registration pack.

A parts market stall

The Display day on the Saturday will include a parts-market for Pre-War and T/Y Type MG cars. More details will be provided, but you will be encouraged to bring suitable parts, publications, and memorabilia for exchange or sale.

Registration and payments

Registrations are planned to open on 31 January 2023 and will close on 31 August 2023. What will be included and not included in the registration fee is outlined below:






NOT included in the registration fee

Fri 29 Sep 23

Event registration, Noggin- n-Natter, buffet dinner

The buffet, an event souvenir Program, and an event memento are included in the registration fee

Sat 30 Sep 23

Car and flat cap display Register/sub-register dinners

Display is included.
Register dinners (but not drinks) are included where this has been selected and paid for with the registration fee.
See note below

Sun 1 Oct 23

Social run to lunch Event dinner with guest speaker

Lunch is included
Dinner is included; drinks are not included. The recommended dress is smart casual

Mon 2 Oct 23

Optional social run

The social run is included. Morning
tea/lunch is at registrant's own expense.


Note regarding the Saturday evening. Informal dinners have been a feature of the Pre-War MG Register rallies in the past. At the time of writing a dinner has been planned for SVW registrants and will be included on the Registration form.

Registration Form

MGCC Canberra will only accept registrations that use the official registration form published on its website. The form may be completed and sent electronically, or it can be printed and mailed. All registrations will be acknowledged.

Access, mobility, dietary or any other special requirements should be advised on the Registration Form or direct to the event organisers.

Registration forms may be forwarded:


Registration payments are requested to be made by EFT or direct deposit if possible. The details are:

  • BSB: 633-000 (Bendigo Bank)
  • Account: 144920741
  • Account name: MG Car Club Canberra
  • Identifying Reference: Include your name and the words MG Rally 2023.

 Registrants who wish to register and/or pay by cheque should mail to:

  • MG Car Club Canberra Inc, PO Box 4141, Weston Creek ACT 2611

Refund Policy

The Event is being planned and run by MGCC Canberra 'at cost' to registrants. If the event is cancelled, or if a registrant requests withdrawal prior to commencement of the Event, a full refund will be provided less any unavoidable costs that have been incurred by the Club.

A carbon-neutral event

 MGCC Canberra has an environmental policy that includes a commitment to '…endeavour to off-set the carbon emissions that result from the use of members' cars that are used in association with Club activities…' For normal Club activities we do this by asking members to add a carbon off-set contribution with their membership subscription.

An estimate has been made of the tonnes of CO2 attributable to participants in this event. The required carbon off-set has been calculated at an average of $5 per Pre-War, T, and Y Type MG car. Registrants will be invited to add this amount to their event registration fee. It is emphasised that a contribution to carbon off-set is voluntary. All monies collected will be used by the Club to engage with a partner organisation to off-set the event CO2 emissions.


 Inquiries concerning the Event may be sent by email to: or by phone to:

  • Pre-War Registrants: Malcolm Robertson ph. 0408 627685
  • T Type and Y Type Registrants: Kent Brown ph. 0412 558029

In this age of scam calls, your call may not be immediately answered by Malcolm and Kent. Please leave a short identifying message and your call will be promptly returned.

We look forward to welcoming you to Canberra in September 2023.

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