MG Car Club Canberra


The Club maintains a well-stocked library of books, magazines, workshop manuals and CDs.

These are stored either at the Club cupboard at the St Peter's Anglican Church Hall, Weston or the Club Workshop at Fyshwick.

To borrow a library book please contact Ewan Ward via contact details on the Committee Page or see Ewan at a Monthly Meeting.


Serial Title Author/Publisher
C2 2005 Mille Miglia (CD ROM ) CD
C3 2005 Goodwood Festival Of Speed CD
C5 Ultimate MG Performance CD
C6 Redex Trials 1953,54 and 55 CD
C7 Morgan Motor Company CD
C8 Nat Meet 2006 & Tassie Tour CD
C9 Horses To Horsepower CD
C10 2010 Goodward Festival of Speed CD
C11 Rebuilding TD and TF Gearbox CD
C12 Le MG Club de France, Montlhery, 2011 CD
C13 MG Club Northern Ireland CD
C14 Heritage Motoring CD
C15 Best of MG Vol 2 CD
C16 MGA/B 3 Synchro Gearbox (3 parts) CD
C17 2013 Springtime Tour MGCC CD
G1 TCs Forever-More Michael Sherrell
G2 Great Marques - MG Chris Harvey
G3 75 Glorious Years – MG 1924-1999 Classic & Sports Car
G4 MG – Britain's Favourite Sports Car Malcolm Green
G5 MG Sports Cars John Heilig
G6 The MG Wilson McComb
G7 The MG Companion Kenneth Ullyett
G8 The MG File – Model by Model Eric Dymock
G9 Maintaining the Breed John Thornley
G10 The MG Log Peter Haining
G11 MG – Past & Present Rivers Fletcher
G12 Tuning & Maintenance of MG Cars Philip H Smith
G14 MG Gold Portfolio 1929-1939 Brooklands Books
G15 The Works MGs Mike Allison
G16 MG 1959-1964 Photo Archive David A Knowles
G17 MG 1952-1954 Brooklands Books
G19 MG TD Register of the MGCC Melbourne Doug Hastie
G20A MG Y Type Saloons & Tourers John Lawson
G21 MG Saloon Cars Anders Ditlev Clausager
G22 MG – The A, B & C Chris Harvey
G24 MGB 1962-1970 Brooklands Books
G25 MG by McComb Osprey Publishing
G26 MGB GT 1965-1980 Brooklands Books
G27 MGB The Racing Story John Baggott
G28 MGB including MGC & MGB GT V8 David Knowles
G29 MGB The Complete Story Brian Laban
G30 MGB Super Profile Lindsay Porter
G31 MGB, Roadster & GT, MGC & MGB V8 Wilson McComb
G32 MGB GT 1965-1980 Brooklands Road Tests
G33 Project Phoenix – The Birth of the MGF Ian Adcock
G34 MG Sports Cars Peter Garnier/Autocar
G35 MG Car Club – The First 70 Years Mike Hawke
G36 The Complete Guide to MG Collectibles Michael Ellman-Brown
G37 Classic & Sportscar MG File Martin Buckley
G38 The MGA, B, & C A Collectors Guide Graham Robson
G39 MG Record Breakers from Abingdon Richard Knudson
G40 MG Saloon & Coupes 1925 to 1980 Richard Knudson
G41A Essential MG Graham Robson
G42 MGB & GT Problems & How To Fix Them Roger Williams
G43A The MG Collection The Pre- War Models Richard Monk
G44 Advertising MG Vol 2 1956 to 1992 Daniel Young
G45 MGF David Knowles
G46 Magic Of The Marque Mike Allison
G47 MG Odyssey Ken McKimmie
G48 MG Road Tests 50 Years of The Marque Autocar
G49A MG Downunder Barry Lake
G50 Encyclopaedia of Classic Cars – Saloon Cars 1945-1975 Rob de la Rive Box
G51 A-Z of Cars 1945-1970 Michael Sedgwick
G52 Porsche The Legend 1948 to Today Giancarlo Reggiani
G53 Tuning BMC Sports Cars Mike Garton
G54 The Morgan Ken Hill
G55 Rolls-Royce The Magic of a Name Peter Pugh
G63 Cooper Mike Lawrence
G64 The Big Healeys Graham Robson
G65 Original Austin-Healey 100, 100-Six & 3000 Anders Ditlev Clausager
G66 The Lotus File – Seven, Elite, Elan, Europa Mark Hughes
G69 London to Calcutta 1938 Wright & White
G70 Australia on Wheels – Shannon's 2001 Motoring Tour unknown
G74 'Tappet Chatter' – MG Car Club Canberra 1987 edition MG Car Club Canberra 
G75 Bluebirds – The Story of the Campbell Dynasty Gina Campbell
G78 Works Wonders – Rallying BMC & Routes Marcus Chambers
G80 Not Just Boys Toys Kate Purdie
G84 History of Rob Roy Hillclimb Leon Sims
G86 Car Badges Giles Chapman
G94 Basic Car Maintenance & Servicing J Vafeas
G95 Sports & Classic Cars Australia unknown
G97 Illustrated Guide To Classic British Cars Robson and Ware
G102 Peking To Paris Brown, Matheson, Kidby
G106 The SU Carburettor Des Hammill
G107 Collector Cars of Australia Ken Stepnell
G108 Lucus 1st Hundred Years Vols 1 and 2 Harold Nockolds
G109 The Morris Motor Car 1913 - 1983 Harry Edwards
G110 The Bullnose and Flatnose Morris Jarman and Barraclough
G111 British Sports Cars Lehbrink
G112 Art Deco and British Car Design Barrie Down
G113 Building Cars in Australia: Morris,Austin,BMC, Leyland BMC Aust Heritage
G114 Aston Martin Gold Portfolio 1948-1971 R.M.Clarke
G115 Famous Australian Car Trials Wynns
G200 The Immortal T series Chris Harvey
G201 Essential Buyers Guide MGB/GT Roger Williams
G202 "Road & Track" MG reports 1962 to 1980  
G203 How To Power Tune MG Midget Daniel Stapleton
G204 Original MGA Clausager
G205 "Road & Track" MG Reports 1949 to 1961  
G206 How To Improve MGB,C & V8 Speed Pro Series
G207 AH Sprite road tests 1958 to 1971 Brooklands
G208 Midget MK 1 to 4 & 1500 workshop manual Haynes
G209 Mr MG (John Thornley) Peter Thornley
G210 Article: Peking to Paris, Harry Hickling, 1938 SA MG Aust. Classic Car
G211 Article: MG Nat Meet; Tasmania 2006 Safety Fast
G212 MGF Sales Brochure  
G214 Engines For MGs Neil Cairns
G215 MG's Abingdon Factory Veloce
G216 To Finish Is To Win Harry Hickling
G217 MG Midget & Sprite Service Guide Porter and Wallage
G218 Making MGs John Price Williams
G220 The Red Car Don Stafford
G221 Sprites and Midgets Anders Clausager
G222 TCs Forever Michael Sherrell
G223 The T-Series MGs Graham Robson
G224 MGA - A History & Restoration Guide Robert P Vitrikas
G227 MG The Art Of Abingdon John Mc Clellan
G228 MG Midget Road Tests 1961 – 1979 Brooklands
G229 Classic MG Yearbook 1973 unknown
G230 MG Midget and Sprite Restoration Lindsay Porter
G232 Great British Marques: MG "Octane" Magazine
G234 MGY and Magnette Road Tests Brooklands
G235 (Written Off)  
G236 The Magic Of MG Mike Alison
G237 MG TD Register Doug Hastie
G238 Sands of the Desert; North Africa Harry Hickling
G239 Sprite and Midget Johnathon Edwards
G240 Advertising MG 1929 to 1969 Colin Pitt
G241 Me and My MG Gordon Thorburn
G242 MG: Britains favourite Sports Car; 3rd Edition Malcolm Green
G243 The MG Companion Kenneth Ullyett
G244 MG Sports Cars 1929 to 1936 Malcolm Green
G245 MGB 50 1962 - 2012 British Motor Heritage
G246 "Original" MG T Series Anders Clausager
G247 "Original" MGB, C, and V8 Anders Clausager
G248A MGCC Canberra History Peter Daley
G249 MGF and TF David Knowles
G250 MGF and TF Restoration Roger Parker
G251 MG V8 David Knowles
G252 MGB Drivers Handbook unknown
G253 Morris , The Cars and The Company Jon Pressnell
G254 MGs On Patrol Andrea Green
G255 MG, The T Series Richard Knudson
G256 Essential MG "T" and Pre- War Anders Ditlev Clusager
G258 Rover 75 and MG ZT – The Complete Story James Taylor
G259 Morris and MG 1100 – The Cassell Book of Sydney Page
G260 MG 1100 Driver's Handbook BMC Publication
G261 Sacred Octagon, April 1980, TD edition unknown
G262 Heritage MG Series ZA/ZB Magnette Laurence W Scott
G263 Improve & Modify MGB Lindsay Porter & Dave Pollard
G264 Classic Engines, Modern Fuel Paul Ireland
G265 The Classic MG Richard Aspden
G266 MG 1965-1980 Photo Archive David A Knowles
G267 The Complete History of Grand Prix Motor Racing Adriano Cimarosti
R1 Tuning & Maintenance of MG Cars Philip H Smith
R1A Tuning & Maintenance of MG Cars Philip H Smith
R4A Workshop Manual - TD Scientific Magazines
R5A Workshop Manual – MG Midget TD & TF BMC Factory
R6A Workshop Manual – MG Series TC, TD, TF, TF1500, MGA, MGA1600, MGB Scientific Publications
R7 Parts Catalogue – T Series 1936-55 Moss Motors
R8 Parts Catalogue – TC, TD, TF Moss Motors
R9A Workshop Manual - MGA BMC Factory
R10C Workshop Manual – MGA Twin Cam BMC Factory
R11 Parts Catalogue – MGA Edn. 12 Moss Motors
R12A Workshop Manual – MGB MkI, MkII & GT Leyland
R13 Guide to MGB Purchase & Restoration Lindsay Porter
R14 Tuning for Speed and Tuning for Economy Philip H Smith
R15 Parts Catalogue - MGB MG Owners' Club
R16A MGB Restoration Manual Practical Classics
R17 Parts Catalogue – MGB Moss Motors
R18 Parts Catalogue – MGB & GT 1962-80 Moss Motors
R19 Parts Catalogue – MGB Concourse Spares
R22 Parts Catalogue – Sprite/Midget Moss Motors
R31 Antique Auto Body – Wood Work  
R32 Antique Auto Body – Metal Work  
R33 Chilton's Auto Body Repair Robert D Harman
R34 Panel Beating & Body Repairing Donald Wait
R35 Competition Car Suspension Alan Staniforth
R36 Foreign Carburettors & Electrical Systems Glenn's
R38 Bodywork Maintenance and Repair Autocare/Paul Browne
R40A MG Workshop Manual M Type to TF W E Blower
R41 MG Midget TC Parts List B.M.C
R42 MG TC/TD/TF Parts Catalogue Moss Bros
R43 MG Parts List MG TA/TB/TC/TD Naylor Bros
R44 MG Midget/Sprite 1958 to 1980 parts catalogue MG
R49 MGA Service Parts List BMC
R50 Tuning Rover V8 Engines David Hardcastle
R51 Parts catalogue MGA 1500,1600 & 1600 Mk2 Brown & Gammons
R52 Parts catalogue MGA 1955-62 Scarborough Faire
R53 Engines for MGs – their story after 1935 Neil Cairns
R54 SU Carburettors and Pumps SU Butec
R55 Owners Workshop Manual – 1100 & 1300, Mk 1, 2 &3 Haynes
R56 Morris/Austin 1100 Workshop Manual Scientific Publ'ns
R57 1100 Mk 1 Owners Workshop Manual Autobooks
R58 MGB Electrical Systems Rick Astley
R60 Tuning S.U. Carburetters G.R.Wade
R61A Workshop Manual – Series TD Scientific Magazines
R64 Maintenance Manual & Instruction Book – Series Y  
R68A MG, Morris & Magnette Repair & Tune-up Guide Glenn's
R70 Parts Catalogue T Types 1936-1955 Moss
R71 Parts Catalogue MGB/MGB GT 1962-1980 Moss
R72 Parts Catalog (sic) MGB Moss (USA)
R73 Parts Catalogue MGA Tourer/Coupe 1955-1962 Moss
R74 Parts Catalogue MGC Bromsgrove MG
R76 Parts Catalogue MGA 1600 BMC
R77 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Guide to Bodywork Restoration Temple Press
R78 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Guide to Engine Restoration Temple Press
R79 MGB - Guide to Purchase & DYI Restoration Lindsay Porter
R84  Classic Auto Electrics Practical Classics
R85 MG Midget TD Service Parts List BMC
R86 MG Midget TF Service Parts List BMC
R87 Workshop Manual – MGB & GT 1969-72 Autopress
R88 Service Parts List TA-TB-TC and other T Series The Frame Up
R89 SU Carburettors - Spare Parts & Specification Catalogue Burlen Ltd
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