Motorkhana Dates and Information 2021

Welcome to the 2021 season of Canberra Multi-club Motorkhana’s.  Entry fees remain the same as last year, at a very reasonable $50 (Senior) and $25 (Junior) with a reduced rate for MGCC Canberra Competitors driving an MG.  if you are an MGCC Canberra member driving an MG, your first motorkhana is free.  So come along, try it out, and see what you think.

IMG_4318Every effort has been made to ensure the dates for 2021, all Sunday’s, do not clash with other motorsport events such as hillclimbs (SDMA and Cooma), historic race meetings, rallies etc. and also keeping clear of Mother’s Day, (Father’s Day – not so lucky this year) and public holidays etc.  And my birthday…of course!  Availability of key officials is also a major consideration.  Also we have to fit in with the many other users of the TISC facilities.

MG 1100 teatering on the edge of equilibrium
MG 1100 teatering on the edge of equilibrium

As soon as Motorsport Australia approval has been obtained for the conduct of each motorkhana and email will be sent to all addressees who competed previously or who have indicated an intent to compete.

For your diaries here is the remaining date for 2021;

• Sunday, 14 November 2021 (info Motorkhana Supplementary Regulations 14 November 2021 – Approved)

If you want to enter this is the link to Event Entry on the Motorsport Australia website  –


Competitors will now be required to use the Motorsport Australia Event Entry application which can be accessed here.

You will need to

  • click on the Member Portal (to right hand corner) and then either enter your details or create an account
  • if you do not have an account then use the “click here” box to pre-register your details
  • once logged in click the “Go to Event Entry” box (bottom left hand corner)
  • On the next screen in the top row click “upcoming events”
  • In the “filter by event type” search box type “motorkhana”
  • Click on the MG Car Club Canberra Multiclub Motorkhana event
  • Complete all details

Please take the time to download and read all documents I have uploaded and in particular the Driver’s Briefing ( it is under the heading of “Event General Information”) as it will not be given on the day.

The current policy ruling made by the Transport Industries Skill Centre (TISC) who manage the facility that requires vehicles entered at all events held at Sutton Road to be road-registered and roadworthy throughout the event. This applies to our Club’s motorkhana events and is specifically covered in the Supplementary Regulations.

As a part of the process please download and fill out the Self-Scrutiny form, complete it and email back to

When making your payment to the MG Car Club Canberra bank account please ensure you include your name, Motorsport Australia Entry Id (created when you enter the event) and the word motorkhana so I can match your entry to your payment.


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